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Universidad de Sevilla. Departamento Ingeniería Eléctrica


Speaker’s Bio

Prof. Hermann Dommel is well known for his work on electromagnetic transients in power systems. He is currently Professor Emeritus at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. Prior to joining the University in 1973, he worked for Bonneville Power Admin i s t r a t ion in Portland, Oregon, USA, on various computer programs, including what became known as the EMTP. He has taught short courses on electromagnetic transients for utilities and universities around the world. He is a Life Fellow of IEEE. From 1995 to 2000 he held the Industrial Research Chair sponsored by B.C. Hydro and the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada.

Presentation: Prof. Hermann Dommel. The father of the EMTP by Antonio Gómez Expósito.

Examples of Electromagnetic Transients in Power Systems

An overview of Computer SImulation Methods for Electromagnetic Transients in Power Systems

Switching Transients