Cátedra Endesa

Universidad de Sevilla. Departamento Ingeniería Eléctrica

Speaker Bio:
Enrique Acha has been engaged in international research for over thirty years in academia and industry, in seven countries: Mexico, New Zea-land, Canada, France, England, Scotland and Finland. He was a founding member of the Brunel Institute of Power Systems of Bru-nel University in 1990. He taught and supervised research in power electronics applications in electrical power systems at the University of Glasgow, Scotland, UK for twenty years; joining the Department of Electronics and Electrical Engi-neering in 1992 and becoming the Professor of Electrical Power Sys-tems in 2001. His areas of expertise are Flexible AC Transmission Sys-tems (FACTS), VSC-HVDC trans-mission and power system harmo-nics. He has written five books on these subjects. He has published more than 150 referred papers in the area of electrical power systems.
According to Google Scholar his re-search work has been cited more than 5800 times by other scholars. He beca-me a member of the Distinguished Lec-turer Program of IEEE PES in 2005, with a remit to deliver invited talks on FACTS and on the Impact of Rene-wable Distributed Generation in the Po-wer Grid. While in Glasgow, he supervi-sed and graduated 20 PhD students. In 2011he joined the Tampere University of Technology with a remit to co-chair the developments of the International MSc Smart Grids major; a program of study that is already well established. Throughout his time in research, he has participated in numerous power systems projects with the focus shifting in the past ten years towards renewable genera-tion and VSCHVDC for the grid inte-gration of renewable sources.